To best determine what it is that patients value, PM360 turned to companies that have a vast amount of experience working directly with patients. Brenda Snow, Founder & CEO of Snow Companies, reported that the pandemic situation could significantly affect retention and new patient starts if we don’t fully understand the challenges patients are facing and quickly implement solutions to address their needs. According to SNOW’s “COVID-19: Patient Insights” survey of 678 patients, 55% had already started to experience disruptions of their treatment routine due to COVID-19 by the second half of March. 

While HCPs continue to be the patients’ preferred source of information, the reliance on a number of other sources dramatically spiked during the pandemic. The most notable shifts are: HCPs down from 89% to 64%, government websites up from 29% to 54%, national TV news up from 19% to 45%, cable TV news up from 14% to 33%, local news websites up from 12% to 27%, and national news websites up from 13% to 27%. These shifts present a key opportunity for DTC brands to engage patients via TV and digital channels both on national and local levels.

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