As published in PM360, November 17, 2021

We’ve grown accustomed to thinking that data and micro-targeting will get our content in front of exactly the right set of eyeballs at exactly the right time. Search engines, customer relationship management (CRM), social media, and mobile technology have given marketers the tools to engage with customers in a personalized way at scale. Most consumers largely played along: It can be a very attractive proposition to donate some time and attention in exchange for seemingly useful or entertaining content and services. But all of this is now becoming somewhat more nuanced, forcing pharma marketers to rethink how they define patient engagement. So, what happened to challenge the brave new “Big Data” world? […]

As the new iOS has changed the rules, some pharma marketers have been able to showcase how to successfully navigate the new paradigm. They have used two very effective marketing instruments that don’t rely on data extraction and microtargeting: customer value and human relationships. [Read more at PM360]