Williamsburg, VA, February 1, 2023 — Two of SNOW’s campaigns have earned the Silver Pharma Choice Awards 2023: “Amalia’s Story” succeeded in the category Consumer Website, while the “Inspired By” Children’s Book Series impressed the audience in the category Unbranded.

“Amalia’s Story” is an innovative, online storytelling effort showcasing the Captivate format. The website, which was created on behalf of Alnylam, lets the audience immerse itself in Amalia’s experience of living with AHP — and in her artwork.

The “Inspired By” Children’s Book Series, created on behalf of Alexion, acknowledges that kids deserve to be included in conversations about rare diseases. “Klara’s Talent,” “A Day with Nurse Jen,” and “Zara Shares Her Stripes” offer age-appropriate stories that help children understand and process issues around being different, celebrating diversity, and living with limitations that come with a disease.

Chosen by peers

Since 2009, the PM360 Pharma Choice awards has served as the only industry awards to recognize outstanding achievement and creativity in healthcare and life sciences marketing by allowing the industry as a whole to choose the winners. All submissions are placed online where anyone in the industry can vote for their favorites based on content, format, imagination, influence on the industry, impact on the audience, and overall quality. This year, more than 8,500 votes were cast to decide the winners.

“The best critics are the people who understand your circumstances, challenges, and ultimately what it takes to be successful. In life sciences marketing, that description can only apply to other life sciences marketers, which is why we give each and every marketer in this industry the opportunity to decide what can be called the best campaigns of the year,” said Anna Stashower, CEO/Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, PM360. “It is also what makes winning one of our Pharma Choice Awards so significant, because it is an honor bestowed upon marketers by their peers—the only people who truly can comprehend just how hard it is to be creative, imaginative, engaging, captivating, and memorable in a highly regulated industry. These winning campaigns and initiatives didn’t just leave an impression on their intended audience, but on the people in the industry responsible for creating them day in and day out.”       

In total, 42 winners were named in 14 distinct categories: App, Consumer Website, DTC/DTP, Multichannel, Multicultural, Philanthropic, Professional Print Campaign, Professional Website, Sales Aid, Self-promotion/Corporate Campaign, Social Media, Unbranded, Variety, and Video. The winning work is featured in the January/February 2023 issue of PM360. And can be viewed online at www.pm360online.com/2023-pm360-pharma-choice-award-winners.