Snow Companies’ Creative Team is being featured in PM360’s Greatest Creators Showcase and in the Greatest Creators Cover Competition.

In the Showcase, Klara’s Talent has made the cut: a children’s book illustrated by our wonderful Sofia Melgunova. Klara’s Talent was inspired by a real mom with generalized myasthenia gravis (gMG). Alexion understood that like all parents, patients with gMG yearn for materials that educate and inspire their children, which is why they tasked Snow with creating this piece. Klara’s Talent reassures children that they are still loved despite the obstacles gMG creates, and that, for some families, gMG and treatment are a normal part of life.

A mock-up of Klara's Talent
Klara’s Talent, illustrated by Sofia Melgunova, reassures children that they are still loved by their parent who, due to gMG may not be able to fully participate in all children’s activities

Snow’s creative team members who brought Klara’s Talent over the finish line are:

  • Jon Irvine, VP, Creative Direction
  • Brett Moffitt, Associate Creative Director
  • Sofia Melgunova, Graphic Designer, Illustrator
  • Janet Maloney, Senior Writing Director
  • Aprile Cappuzzo, Writer
  • Carli Woodyear, Writer
  • Tara Giles, Studio Director
  • Anne Viega, Editing Director

The second submission featured is Carolyn Asselin’s drawing Deep Breaths, which has been submitted for the Greatest Creators Cover Competition. The digital illustration piece depicts a health care professional (HCP), possibly after a long day at work, finally ready to remove the mask and to take a deep breath, maybe wondering what just happened, or what the next shift might bring. At second glance, the viewer recognizes that the head of the person is adorned by a halo, and the pose is suggestive of religious iconography. It’s a stark reminder of the sacrifices HCPs are making for all of us to guide us through the coronavirus pandemic, and as recipients of their care and protection, we may consider ourselves blessed. At the same time, one could also make out an element of irony, a tongue-in-cheek commentary on our eagerness to elevate a certain class of fellow citizens to a heroic status most of them probably never sought to attain.

Carolyn's illustration
Deep Breaths, by Carolyn Asselin