Alexion and Snow Companies have won Silver at this year’s DTC National Advertising Awards for Klara’s Talent, a children’s book illustrated by SNOW’s Sofia Melgunova. Earlier this year, Klara’s Talent was also featured in the PM360 Greatest Creators Showcase. The book was inspired by a real mom with generalized myasthenia gravis (gMG). Alexion understood that like all parents, patients with gMG yearn for materials that educate and inspire their children, which is why they tasked SNOW with creating this piece. Klara’s Talent reassures children that they are still loved despite the obstacles gMG creates, and that, for some families, gMG and treatment are a normal part of life.

A mock-up of Klara's Talent
Klara’s Talent, illustrated by Sofia Melgunova, reassures children that they are still loved by their parent who, due to gMG may not be able to fully participate in all children’s activities

SNOW’s creative team members who brought Klara’s Talent over the finish line are:

  • Jon Irvine, VP, Creative Direction
  • Brett Moffitt, Associate Creative Director
  • Sofia Melgunova, Graphic Designer, Illustrator
  • Janet Maloney, Senior Writing Director
  • Aprile Cappuzzo, Writer
  • Carli Woodyear, Writer
  • Tara Giles, Studio Director
  • Anne Viega, Editing Director

Also at this year’s DTC National Advertising Awards, Alexion and SNOW earned an honorable mention for the STRENSIQ® (asfotase alfa) Brochure and Starter Kit.