Williamsburg, VA, October 26, 2021 – This year, the patient engagement agency Snow Companies looks back at 20 years of its history. Over these years, SNOW has worked with large numbers of patients and captured their stories. The agency is now highlighting 20 of these stories at 20patients.com over the next few weeks.

“We wanted this celebration to energize our people and to show that there’s something that’s bigger than just the number of years we’ve been around,” said Brenda Snow, Founder and CEO of Snow Companies. Blake Shewey, who has been named President of SNOW in May, added: “For those of us who joined SNOW when it was already the most recognized name in the patient engagement space, it’s been a thrill to encounter some of the patients who shaped our agency early on.”

A revolution in life science communication

The first three patients featured on 20patients.com, BrendaChristy, and Gary, are living with multiple sclerosis. This reflects how the agency was founded around Brenda Snow sharing her own story of living with and treating MS. This sparked a small revolution in life science communication, since this was the moment biopharmaceutical companies began to talk with patients. “Patients are the product’s end-users and, arguably, the most pivotal stakeholders in the healthcare system,” said Corbin Wood, SNOW’s COO.

Soon, Snow Companies was able to prove the validity of its patient engagement model in all disease categories, including oncology, rare disease, mental health, and infectious disease. True patient stories representing these and other conditions will be added to 20patients.com on a weekly basis. “First to market or new entrant, medical device or pharmaceutical, pre- or post-launch, blockbuster or niche product, healthcare communication must always include a patient perspective,” said Mr. Wood. “We’re here to help you give patients a voice,” Ms. Snow added.


About Snow Companies

With its signature focus on patient storytelling, Snow Companies has had a lasting impact on the lives of millions of patients around the world. The full-service agency that has pioneered direct-to-patient communication through its Patient Ambassador® programs today is the global leader in Patient Insights, Content, Activation, and Support and is boosting biopharma’s presence on social media and other digital channels. Snow Companies is a part of the Omnicom Health Group of agencies. snow-companies.com

For more information or interview requests, please contact Oliver Portmann, VP, Communications, Snow Companies; [email protected]; 757-903-1140