The biopharma marketing trade magazine MM+M has today announced the 2021 class of Hall of Femme honorees. Brenda Snow, whose agency Snow Companies is celebrating its 20th year of existence this year, is listed among this distinguished group of women. Read MM+M’s short interview with Brenda here:

If you have worked in the pharma industry long enough, it’s likely you’ve heard the “Brenda Snow Story.” It’s the story of a woman diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in her late 20s just as she was starting her career in communications at a semiconductor company in California. The story of a woman whose condition forced her to use a wheelchair, caused her to lose bladder control in public places, and resulted in temporary blindness and split vision. Of a young mother dedicated to working with occupational and physical therapists to relearn performing daily tasks because, if nothing else, she wanted to raise her daughter. She achieved that—and so much more.

“Brenda’s dedication to giving voice to patients is a true inspiration,” says Ed Wise, CEO, Omnicom Health Group. “Her success is merely a side effect of her deep dedication to meeting an important unmet and universal need—establishing and building human connection.”

“Brenda Snow can pretty much do anything,” says Mike Simone, EVP at Snow Companies. “We were at an ambassador training with people living with progressive MS. Brenda was presenting information when a patient in a wheelchair started to choke on a peanut. In a split second, Brenda ran from the front of the room, jumped a table, and Heimliched the women—literally saving her life. At that moment, I knew this person was a force unlike anybody that I knew.”

“Brenda’s story has come to stand for something so much bigger than herself,” says Blake Shewey, EVP at Snow Companies. “She has given new purpose to so many people. Never underestimate the power of one story to change the world.”